Redmine 1.0 Feature: Caching Text Formatting

Added by Eric Davis on July 20, 2010 in Home Community Code

One of the new features included in Redmine 1.0 is the ability to cache the text formatting. Each time Redmine displays any text markup, like Textile, it has to run the text through a conversion process to get HTML. This means that an issue with 30 comments will run this conversion runs 31 times, once for the issue description and once for each comment.

The Cache Text Formatting feature will take the results of that conversion and save it so the next time that HTML is needed, the conversions can be skipped. By default this is off but it can be turned on by in the Administration Settings with the option "Cache formatted text".

Cache Formatted Text Setting

It uses Ruby on Rails' MemoryStore for caching. This will save the cached data to the memory of the running Ruby process. But it can replaced with any other Cache Store. For example, I just setup a memcached cache for using the following configuration:

# config/additional_environment.rb
config.gem 'memcached' # For other hosts
# config.gem 'memcached-northscale', :lib => 'memcached' # For
require 'memcached'
config.cache_store = :mem_cache_store,

If you are interested in more details about this feature, checkout issue #4482 and my blog post where I went through how the text formatting works in more detail.

Redmine 1.0.0 released

Added by Eric Davis on July 18, 2010 in Home Community

It's out, it's out. Redmine 1.0 is released!

The first release candidate for Redmine 1.0 has been released to Rubyforge. This is a major release which includes many new features and bugfixes since the last major release, (0.9 in 2010-01-09).

This is still considered a release candidate (RC) release. The code has been stabilized over the past 6 weeks and we believe it is ready to be tested in production, but there still might be some rough edges. We are using this release to get some for final feedback, both for 1.0.1 (bug fixes) and our next major release 1.1.0.

When you are ready to upgrade, the upgrade documentation has been updated and we have people in the forums and IRC channel to help out.

Finally, I personally wanted to thank everyone who has helped Redmine over the past four years. Without everyone's contribution, the project wouldn't be as awesome as it is now.

Eric Davis

Redmine 0.9.6 released

Added by Eric Davis on July 07, 2010 in Home Community

Redmine 0.9.6 was just released to Rubyforge. This is a security fix for the stable (0.9.x) series of Redmine that fixes some security vulnerabilities found in the advanced subversion integration module. Upgrading is strongly recommended for all 0.9.x users who are using the advanced subversion integration.

Thank you to Stefan Marfilius, Holger Just, and chiky_cin for their assistance with this release.

Redmine 0.9.5 released

Added by Eric Davis on June 28, 2010 in Home Community

Redmine 0.9.5 was just released to Rubyforge. This is a release for the stable (0.9.x) series of Redmine that includes 31 bugfixes and patches since the 0.9.4 release. All users are recommended to upgrade, by following the upgrade process on the Redmine wiki.

BugMash 1.0 Results

Added by Eric Davis on June 21, 2010 in Home Community Code

This weekend we held the first ever Redmine BugMash. 21 bugs were fixed, including everything needed for the upcoming 0.9.5 release.

  1. pre can't be inside p
  2. projects.atom with required authentication
  3. Week number calculation in date picker is wrong if a week starts with Sunday
  4. mail handler fails when the from address is empty
  5. Member role forms in project settings are not hidden after member added
  6. session cookie path does not respect RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT
  7. External links not correctly displayed in Wiki TOC
  8. "fiters" and "options" should be hidden in print view via css
  9. Ellipses at the end of snippets shouldn't be textilized
  10. NoMethodError (undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass)
  11. Add a hook to the issue report (Summary) view
  12. Ruby 1.9 - wrong number of arguments (1 for 0) on rake db:migrate
  13. Ruby 1.9 - when attempting to change password error raised IOError in MyController#password
  14. SVN Repository: Can not list content of a folder which includes square brackets.
  15. Navigation to the Master Timesheet page (time_entries)
  16. redmine:email:receive_imap fails silently for mails with subject longer than 255 characters
  17. Fewer SQL statements generated for watcher_recipients
  18. Exclude "fields_for" from overridden methods in TabularFormBuilder
  19. TimelogController#destroy assumes success
  20. Search for Numeric Value
  21. Login and mail should not be case sensitive

I also wanted to especially thank the participants who where able to get a patch contributed:

  • Andrew Fenn
  • Greg Mefford
  • Gregor Schmidt
  • Holger Just
  • Jan
  • Jean-Baptiste Barth
  • Jérémy Lal
  • Yuki Kita
  • and many others who helped out on IRC this weekend.

Because of the success of this BugMash, we are considering having another one. So if you weren't able to participate this time, there will be another one soon. If you're interested in helping out, as a participant or an organizer, leave a comment below.

Team Lead Meeting 2010-06-19

Added by Eric Davis on June 14, 2010 in Home Community

The next Team Lead Meeting is coming up this weekend on June 19th. The big topics are getting Redmine 1.0 ready and the bugmash for 1.0. It will be held on irc at 13:00 UTC (check your local time).

BugMash 1.0

Added by Eric Davis on June 14, 2010 in Home Community Code

I'm organizing the first Redmine BugMash this weekend. It's loosely based off the Rails Bridge BugMash with the goals of:

  1. cleaning up Redmine for the 1.0 release and
  2. getting more people contributing to Redmine

I'll be working on the Wiki pages for the event as well as putting together a list of issues I'd like to resolve. If you have some time and would just to join, stop by irc this weekend and we'll help you get started.

Email Keyword Cheatsheet

Added by Eric Davis on June 08, 2010 in Home Community

I've just released a cheatsheet for the keywords that Redmine uses with incoming email. More details and the download link can be found on the release post.

Redmine Cheatsheet Screenshot

Redmine Community Calendar

Added by Eric Davis on May 14, 2010 in Home Community

Redmine Community Calendar

During the Team Lead Meeting this morning we decided that it would be useful to have a calendar of the Redmine community events. I've created a Google Calendar and entered some of the upcoming events in the community. If you know of an event about Redmine, please contact me and I'll add it to the calendar.

Redmine 0.9.4 released

Added by Eric Davis on May 03, 2010 in Home Community

Redmine 0.9.4 was posted to Rubyforge over the weekend. This is a release for the 0.9.x series of Redmine that includes 54 bugfixes and some security fixes since the 0.9.3 release. All users are recommended to upgrade, by following the upgrade process on the Redmine wiki.

If you are running the trunk version of Redmine, we also recommended that you upgrade too in order to get the security fixes.