YARD - Local Redmine Documentation Download

Added by Eric Davis on April 10, 2010 in Home Code


Redmine has a large codebase and sometimes it's hard to find the class or method that you need for your custom development. Since I recently added support to Redmine for YARD (a powerful Ruby documentation tool) I figured that I'd post the generated documentation here.

YARD generates HTML documentation from Redmine's code comments, so it's fully automatic. I like YARD over RDoc because it has a better design and has a JavaScript search builtin.

To install, just extract one of these zip files and open the index.html in a web browser. Instant local documentation!

If you want to regenerate the documentation from your Redmine, just install the YARD gem (gem install yard) and run rake yard while in the Redmine root directory.

If you want to improve the documentation or code comments, feel free to submit a patch to Redmine and we will integrate it into the core.