Redmine Client - Access the Redmine API in Ruby

Added by Eric Davis on April 22, 2010 in Home Code

Redmine 1.0 will include a REST API so I've started to build a Rubygem to make accessing the API in Ruby easy. So far redmine_client has support for all of the current APIs in Redmine, including:

  • Read/write support for Issues
  • Read/write support for Projects
  • Read support for News

Installation is an easy gem install redmine_client and it's used just like ActiveResource. For example to change Issue #19000 on the site using the "bob" user:

require 'rubygems'
require 'redmine_client'

RedmineClient::Base.configure do = ''
  self.user = 'bob'
  self.password = 'somepassword'

issue = RedmineClient::Issue.find(19000)
issue.subject = "Changed via the API"

Both the Redmine API and the redmine_client are under development so I'll be adding new features over the next few months up to Redmine 1.0. Feel free to fork the project on Github and hack away at it.