Redmine 0.8.6 Released

Added by Eric Davis on November 05, 2009 in Home Community

Redmine 0.8.6 was just released yesterday, November 4th. This is another point release which fixes a few bugs and potential vulnerabilities. If you're running an older version of Redmine, it's recommended that you upgrade as soon as possible.

Command line subversion tweaks

I previously reported this fixed in 0.8.5 but it wasn't included in that release.

The Subversion adapter received a few tweaks in this release. Now when Redmine is fetching data from the Subversion server, it will run non-interactively and will not cache authentication. This will prevent problems where svn hangs while waiting for a response from the user. Issue #3424.

Links to closed issues are distinct from open issue

I previously reported this fixed in 0.8.5 but it wasn't included in that release.

Now when a closed issue is linked to, Redmine will strike-through the text and also color it in a lighter gray. This makes reading a long list of issues a lot easier. Issue #3495.

Hide user pages without activity

Each user has their own page at /account/show that will list their name, avatar, and any activity they've done in Redmine. With this release, only users who have any activity will be displayed. Issue #3720.

Allow images on headers

With this version, a wiki formatted header can have an image embedded in like h2. !/attachments/download/2690!. Issue #4112.

Editing an issue reply would escape special characters

If you edited a note on an issue, Redmine would convert special characters like < or > into the escaped versions. This would cause the note to lose any special formatting when it's saved, because it was double escaped. This should now be fixed. Issue #3996.

Error when displaying a repository when a changeset has no comments

It's considered bad form to commit code without a comment but some system allow it. If one of these commits was displayed by Redmine, it would throw an error page up. Issue #4126.

Errors when a custom value was set to nil

This fixed an error on the project and users pages when a custom field had a nil (null) value. Issue #3705.

New plugin hooks

0.8.6 also includes some more plugin hooks for developers:

  • :controller_issues_edit_after_save
  • :controller_issues_new_after_save

To see more details about all of the changes in 0.8.6, check out the Changelog posted to